Julian van Zyl

E: jvanzyl@bakertilly.ky
Photo of Julian van Zyl

Julian is a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) with over a decade of experience providing assurance services, primarily in the asset management sector.

Julian is the firm’s Digital Asset Practice Leader. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional, Certified DeFi Expert, Certified NFT Expert, and holds cryptocurrency and IT diplomas from the London School of Economics and University of Cambridge, and a certificate in Cybersecurity from the University of Cape Town.

Julian’s audit experience is not limited to digital assets, but extends to private equity, venture capital, distressed debt, structured products, derivative instruments, commercial property, listed bonds equities, and esoteric assets such as art and aircraft parts, held in long-short, arbitrage, long-term, index-tracking and other strategies.

I met Julian while I was in the process of setting up a cryptocurrency arbitrage fund registered in the Cayman Islands. I found that he has an in-depth knowledge of the crypto space as is very pragmatic in his audit approach. His technical knowledge was significantly higher than any other auditor I had spoken to at the time and his passion for the subject is clear. He gave us insightful advice on certain areas of setting up our fund based on his past experience of auditing a number of similar funds. Anyone considering working with Julian can rest assured that their expectations will be met or exceeded.

James Kilroe
Investment Manager